Kiss Bernadett
ügyvezető igazgató, sr. HR tanácsadó, Tata/ managing director, sr. HR consultant, Tata
Nagy Gábor
ügyvezető igazgató, sr. HR tanácsadó, Tata/ managing director, sr. HR consultant, Tata
Wéber Kinga
sr. HR tanácsadó, Tata/ sr. HR consultant, Tata
Falucskai Ágnes
sr. HR tanácsadó, Budapest/ sr. HR consultant, Budapest
Doros Anna
sr. HR tanácsadó, Budapest/ sr. HR consultant, Budapest
Schubert Ildikó
HR tanácsadó, Tata/ HR consultant, Tata
Jakubecz Ninetta
HR Tanácsadó, Tata/ HR consultant, Tata
Dajcs Regina
HR tanácsadó, Tata/ HR consultant, Tata
Kaiser Ildikó
HR asszisztens, Tata/ HR assistant, Tata
Slézia Judit
HR asszisztens, Budapest/ HR assistant, Budapest
Komáromi Krisztina
HR asszisztens, Tata/ HR assistant, Tata
Albert Szilvia
Bogdán Attila
HR tanácsadó, Tata/ HR consultant, Tata
Csutak Roberta
HR asszisztens, Tata/ HR assistant, Tata
Papp Gréta
HR asszisztens, Budapest/ HR assistant, Budapest
Rosta Dániel
Zsemlovics Ilona
Our office in Tata
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Executive coaching

Our innovative professional partner:


BÁNCoaching & Supervisio Manager Training and Consulting Company

We have been in the business of manager training and coaching and Organization Workshop for 15 years.

We have development programs for organizations and individual clients alike.

With the development of supervision-based coaching and with the training - for 15 years – of supervision-based coaches and leaders with coach attitude,

 BÁNCoaching & Supervisio is a committed “ambassador” of high-quality and reliable coaching in Hungary.

Our clients include the Hungarian subsidiaries of multinational corporations and Hungarian-owned factories.

They come from a wide variety of industries and operations from SMB and micro-enterprises through consulting firms, garden architects and hairdressers to not-for-profit foundations.

Our single client partners: executive managers, mid-managers, company owners, consultants, teachers, performing artists, creative experts, university students, parents, grandparents.


We work with supervision-based coaching approach and methodology.

The focus is on man.

Supervision-based coaching is a complex complementary development-support-consulting tool created from the arsenals of coaching and supervision.

Its importance is that while “accompanying” towards the solution, “on the road” it also focuses on the person.

In this way both the goal and the process of coaching work have dual focus: reach the solution and in the meantime develop the self-reflection of the partner and raise awareness of his operation. 

So the end of the coaching process is not a “one-time experience” only but also the first step of a new, more efficient and more fulfilling operation. 

Thus the effect of the coaching process is sustained in the long term and supports operation, be it the system of task and challenges of a top executive, a company owner, a teacher, a performing artist or a parent.

Our professional motto:

Man in the situation.

Situation in the man.

/Supervision-based coaching model – BÁNCoaching & Supervisio/


Qualified senior supervisor coach, 
House of Coaches / House of Discussion - founder
university lecturer (Károli G.R. University), 
guest lecturer (Corvinus University, KPMG Academy), 
consultant, trainer, intercultural and communication researcher

Professional emphases:

Executive coaching
Intercultural coaching

Coaching direction of own development::
Supervision-based coaching model

    Training programs of own development:

    • Supervision-based coach training
    • Leader es Coach vezetőfejlesztő program
    • Vezetők társainak coachingja


    • Supervisor Diploma – SOTE-HIETE
    • Mental hygiene expert – Károli Gáspár Reformed University
    • Specialized economist – PR expert – Corvinus University - Department of Foreign Trade 
    • Teacher BA – ELTE-BTK
    • Co Counselling – Mary Corr kurzus
    • LUTC Marketing, Communication moderator – BOI /USA course
    • Protocol-etiquette – Law School/ Ottlik Károly course
    • Colour and style consulting – Stage Color course













    Coach, trainer, Innermetrix counsellor,
    co-lecturer of training-development programs,
    Co-creator of the Generations Terrace of the House of Coaches 
    teacher, creative consultant

    Professional emphases:

    Talent fostering

    IMX – business coaching: Leadership self-development and decision-making patterns
    IMX - Life Coaching: creating a personal vision and setting 
    a personal path in coaching based on the IMX Personality Map
    IMX - team co-ordination coaching (in pairs/teams): the formation of complementary co-operation
    in both home and work-related relationships, that is, "along our individual talents for the common goals"

    Thematic coaching processes of own development:

    Value-based time management 
    - “With good decisions for a contented backward glance”
    The art of connection 1 
    - “The efficacy of expressing our love”
    The art of connection 2 
    - “With the development of our communication for the development of relations


    • Supervision-based coach qualification - BÁNCoaching & Supervízió
    • Team and group coach qualification – Samling Solution Consulting
    • Organization coach qualification – Consero Consulting
    • Business coach qualification – Business Coach DIADAL model
    • Innermetrix consultant qualification - Innermetrix consultant training
    • Brief coach competencies – Solution-focussed support of children and young people 
    • Supervisor competencies – BÁNCoaching & Supervízió
    • Mediator qualification – Connection Child-centered mediation
    • Moderator qualification – Wieland and Wieland moderation techniques
    • Trainer qualification – Nyitott Szemmel Trainer training center
    • Teacher’s diploma – ELTE TÓK

      Main Focuses

      Coach-approach leaderships
      Mentoring and talent retention
      Complex development programs preparing for operation as coach
      VUCA world and organization health
      Behavior-Motivation-Talent focussed leadership team development

      Work forms in which we work
      Organizational  | Team | Group | Pair | Individual

      Development fields
      Company and family | Business and Life | Group and Team | Pair and Individual
      Colleagues | Partners | Parent-Child



      Coach training
      Communication trainings
      Coaching of leaders’ partners


      Organizational development work


      "Organisational Workshop":
      Leader as Coach - leadership development
      Mentor Programme - coaching
      Internal coach - training/development

      Organisational coaching
      IMX-based leadership team development




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      Participants in training, development programmes, trainings

      Individual and team coaching clients


      Our office in Tata
      2890 Tata, Kalapács utca 2.
      Our Budapest office
      1239 Budapest, Grassalkovich út 255.